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Prototype pics of MS-03 Blaster from Mega Steel, an as yet unknown third party company. I love this interpretation of G1 Blaster. A lot of third parties fall into the trap of directly translating the aesthetic of the original toy, and the toys they produce often end up looking derivative. This one, while essentially copying the transformation engineering of Masterpiece Soundwave, goes beyond simple mimicry to give us a fresh update to the character. At the same time, the fact that he ends up being a well-articulated, boxy robot that turns into a red and gray boombox hits all the nostalgia buttons for the neo-G1 collector. I’m waiting for some photos of the production samples to surface, and I’m waiting for the price to come down significantly before deciding whether or not to buy this guy. He’s currently up for pre-order at BBTS for $109.99, but I really think that number needs to drop pretty dramatically in order to compete with Unique Toys, whose Soundmixer version of blaster comes in at $74.99.

If I had one wish, one Transformers-related wish that Hasbro would fulfill, it would be that they make the G2 Sideswipe from the BotCon 2010 custom class. The one that THEY ONLY MADE 50 FUCKING PIECES of. And release it at regular-ass retail as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration that seems to be trying to span many of the lines released over the last three decades. Just do it. I’ve seen unassembled examples of this toy sell for $1200 on eBay. Assembled ones have sold for $500 to $800. So, go ahead and make one that the masses can buy for $15. I’ll be waiting right here.

Prototypes photos of Masterpiece Bumblebee were tweeted out today. Looks pretty great. Bot mode hits a bunch of animated design cues, and the alt mode is a proportional Beetle. I’m looking forward to seeing the first colored production pieces. Hopefully the seams on the car are tightened up by then.

This is the illustration that inspired Mech Ideas’ new Huffer and Pipes homages. So dope!

This is the illustration that inspired Mech Ideas’ new Huffer and Pipes homages. So dope!

A quick comparison shot I found on the boards of Maketoys Trashtalk next to Hasbro Swerve. The figure on the left is $35, and you can only buy him in a two-pack with his moldmate, Cogwheel (Gears) for $70 plus shipping. The figure on the right is $10, comes with a Minicon partner, and will be available at regular retail soon. Also, Gears will also be available for $10 at retail. With a Minicon. No. Brainer.

Another highly anticipated release from Mech Ideas, Animated Bluster and Trench. So these two dudes are crazy. They’re a direct reference to designs from Derrick J. Wyatt, the designer responsible for the look of the Animated Transformers universe. Wyatt designed his Huffer and Pipes to look like the Super Mario Bros.


So here we come to Bluster and Trench who are based on Wyatt’s unproduced designs, and will be painted up to look not only like Huffer and Pipes, but also like Mario and Luigi. Jesus. This is just about the best thing ever. I can’t fucking wait to see what the colored finals look like. I’ve already pre-ordered these at BBTS. You should, too.

It Mech Ideas Day, officially. This is the previously abandoned Gauntlet from Mach5, now picked up for production by MI. He’s a little short, but I like my bots to be of varying sizes. Just like people. Gauntlet is a sweet homage to Ironfist / Fisitron from IDW, so it looks like Mech Ideas is looking to fill out the ranks of The Wreckers. Which is awesome and probably causing an avalanche of nerd boners throughout the fandom. Mach5 had the preorder pricing at $45, but Mech Ideas has said that their version will be sold for less. Maybe $35? That’s what I think would be both fair and comparable to the pricing of their Demolition Crue homage to the Jumpstarters, which sold at $36 each and are a bit taller than Gauntlet here.

Aww yeah! Lego just showed off official pics of their Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set that will be out later this year. MSRP is $50, which is entirely reasonable for a Lego set. Especially one that we’ve waited 30 years to get. Simply awesome.

Generations Sky-byte from Hasbro. Oh my god, this thing is so crazy, I must own him! He turns from a vicious looking robot into a fucking space shark. Everybody knows that space sharks are the best. I’m going to display him with my also crazy Sharkticon Megatron. Who is also some kind of space sea creature. It’s nuts.

Motherfucking Roadbuster! Hasbro unveiled this dope-ass robot soldier at Toy Fair this past weekend. I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like, as the painted prototypes usually have thick, glossy paint like this one does. People are already bitching about his wheel placement, and the fact that the wheels appear to be the cheap clip-on type instead of nicer looking pinned on wheels. But that’s such a minor gripe when you look at this beauty. He’s doing what Roadbuster should do: he turns into a super-tough military vehicle, and he has a ton of guns. Consider me satisfied. Nice work, dudes!